Aug 01

New Server!

As some of you may had heard about, we upgraded our server that all of Core Tactical’s servers and website run on! This new server should improve performance and allow us to run more Core Tactical exclusive servers for our enjoyment!

If you have any questions be sure to contact a staff member about it!


Jun 30

TortoiseSVN Repository Program

TortoiseSVN Repository Program


As of today we have officially switched over to a new repository program, TortoiseSVN is that program. It is required you use this program to get our mods from here on out, as our updates will only be going through TortoiseSVN.

Downloading Guide:

May 28

ArmA 3 Repo Update Released

ArmA 3 Repo Update Released


Core Tactical updated its ArmA 3 Repo Tuesday May 27, 2014. The following mods were added in the update.

-AAF Desert Units

-Russian Units

-N.USMC Units

-RH M4A1/M16

-Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Chinook

-F-15 Fixed Wing Aircraft

-Su-35 Fixed Wing Aircraft

These mods were added in the hope that ArmA 3 would retain a sense of the ‘traditional’ game setting. However the introduction of these new mods does not mean we will be ruling out ArmA 3 units, nor shall we ever rule out the use of ArmA 3 units.

These mods WILL be needed for our next ArmA 3 session on 1 June, 2014. 

See you on the battlefield!

May 13

Mandatory ArmA 3 Training!


Centered Banner CT-PNG

 I am holding a mass ARMA 3 training session every Wednesday from 7 PM EST till it ends. Unlikely to be more than two hours, will NEVER go past three hours. Attendance is mandatory if you want to play A3 with us and I won’t be doing many personalized training sessions, so show up.


Apr 28

Core Tactical Will be Switching to ArmA 3 completely on 06/14/14

Core Tactical Will be Switching to ArmA 3 completely on 06/14/14

Core Tactical voted on a selection of dates for a complete switch over to ArmA 3 at yesterday’s(04/28/14) quality improvement program session. It was decided that June 14, 2014 would be the official date of switch over for Core Tactical.

It was also set in stone that our weekly Sunday ArmA 3 sessions our now considered official. So an ArmA 3 session can be expected every Sunday from this point forward. This will of course change come the complete switch over.

Over the next few weeks the staff will start promoting Core Tactical as an ArmA 2 and 3 group, so to bring in new members as a foundation for the complete switch over.

See you at the next ArmA 3 session!

Apr 18

Invasion 1944 Session!

Invasion 1944 Session

Core Tactical will be hosting an exclusive I44 event on April 26 2014 at 8PM EST(04/26/14)! The session will include an array of TvT and Cooperative missions from both sides of the second world war’s conflict. If your unfamiliar with what I44, its a complete conversion mod set in the world war two setting!

To download the I44 repo use the ‘Run’ program with the line of text below!


See you there soldier!

Mar 30

ArmA 3 Repository!

The new ArmA 3 repository has been setup and now running for your downloading pleasure!

Setup is slightly more involved then the A2 repo.

In your userconfig folder in your ArmA 3 directory, there will be a acre folder, inside that there is another acre folder containing two files, move those out into the first acre folder, and your good to go!

Here is what you type into run: pws://

Have fun!

Mar 14

CTTC – Core Tactical’s Training Center Launches

CTTC – Core Tactical’s Training Center

Purpose: CTTC or Core Tactical’s Training Center serves to familiarize members new or old of Core Tactical’s playstyle.
CTTC offers multiple different training programs hosted by Core Tactical’s specialists.

Training Programs offered at this time include the following,

Basic Familiarization Course (Required) [1+]
-Introduces new members to,

ShackTac Interact/Whisper

Air Familiarization Course (Required for flying) [1+]

-Introduces members to,

Flying Transport
Flying CAS
Radios [Accessing 117F]

Armor Familiarization Course (Required to command a armored vehicle) [1+]
-Introduces members to,

Radios [Accessing 117F]

Fire Team Familiarization Course (Optional) [4+]
-Introduces members to,

Fire Team Formations
Fire Team Tactics
Chain of Command

The programs listed above are the current programs offered by CTTC. A request for a training event may be requested in the CTTC forum section. Make sure to check in every few days for Specialist setup training events.

Many more training programs are coming(Ex. Squad Leading, Platoon Leading, advanced artillery and air.) As always, if you have any suggestions or recommendations in regards to the center please throw em’ are way!

Mar 07

CTMF Update!

Core Tactical Mission Framework Updated to v1.9

The long awaited update to CTMF is finally here.


-Added Dynamic Armor Damage Script

-Added TvT Start Script

-Fixed unit names to match framework

-Removed some useless scripts from description.ext

This version of the framework is to be used for all future missions! The download can be found within the following link!



Mar 05

New Mods!


We updated our modset as of today, you will need to update your repo to participate in future sessions!

Mods added,

-FATA(New Map)
-Bundswher Units(New Units)

Mods Updated,


You can expect more regular mod updates from this point forward!

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