Dec 14

CT has officially shut down.

This group has officially shut down and is no longer active. We suggest you look else where for a group.

Ewarrior, signing off.

Dec 12

The End of Core Tactical

With a heavy heart I regret to infrom the members of Core Tactical that we will be shutting our doors saturday, December 13th, 2014 (Two days from this post). The motivation of the staff and the members in general has deterierated to the point that we can not realisticly run the group anymore. We will be having our final session on December 13th for those that want to have their final goodbyes until they move on.

For the past two years this group has been some of the best times I have ever had with online gaming. You, the members, have made the time setting up missions or websites and preventing crazy antics all worthwhile. It pains me to see this shut down so quickly but we simply cannot keep going.

We will be having a group meeting about this at 7:30PM EST tomorrow to talk about this more in detail. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

It’s been fun guys. A great two years.



Oct 05

1st Rhein Prussian Infantry – Temporary Hiatus

Core Tactical’s line regiment, the 1st Rhein Prussian Infantry, has been put on a temporary hiatus after suffering from severe attendance issues and a lack of a dedicated player base. While the efforts of bvb, wallythewalrus, CuddlyNeedle and numerous others have been greatly appreciated; the regiment cannot go on at its current pace.
If interest is shown in the regiment in the future, the staff will discuss the option of reopening the line regiment. Until then though, it has been a blast!

Oct 04

Invasion 1944 Session!


Core Tactical’s first I44 session since the switch back to ARMA 2 has been scheduled for October 3rd, 2014 at 8PM EST. The session will include an array of TvT and Cooperative missions meant to put us into the boots of soldiers that fought on either side of the Second World War. If your unfamiliar with I44, its a complete conversion mod set in the setting of World War Two!

If you wish to join us but lack the I44 mod follow the guide bellow;

See you there soldier!

Sep 18

The Future of Core Tactical

  Centered Banner CT-PNG


As many of you may know by now, the founder of Core Tactical, Connorwarman, has decided that running the group is not for him and has left CT. You can read about it here if you haven’t already. We all are sad to see him go and wish him the best of luck. Semper fi buddy!

So what does this mean for the group? What does the staff have planned? Whats going to happen? Well I hope to answer all your questions here.

First, this means that as of now, CT has one NCO (Myself) and 4 wonderfully dedicated staff members (Centurion, Bullet2Head, Lt. Tom, and Waffle SS.) and that we have decided that the heavy burdens Connor had with him will be divided up between us.

As of right now, this is how we have things divided as so: (Note these are subject to change, and if changes are made they will be noted)

Ewarrior – Main group operations, tech support. Ewarrior will be the main person to run sessions and keep things going as smooth as possible.

Centurion – Webmaster, main control over forums and website. Also controls what goes on in the Teamspeak. Anything regarding the site or TS goes to him.

Bullet2Head – Main trainer, minor recruiter. Bullet will focus on training the people Tom recruits into the group.

Lt. Tom – Main recruiter, minor Trainer. Tom will focus on getting new people into the group with a minor role in the actual training process.

Waffle SS. – Waffle will continue to develop the mission frameworks and will be the main consultant on things concerning mods and scripts.

The staff are also looking to have a more transparent system for our reasoning and discussion within the group. One of the ways we are doing this is that if a user as a rank of “core” they will be allowed to be involved in staff meetings and there will be a forum that only core members and staff can post in that shows the debates and decisions we are making. Everyone will be allowed to see these posts, but non staff and non core members will not be allowed to vote on these issues. You are still welcome to speak your mind however.

We hope to not make too many changes that will upset members but we strive to have things in a way that will benefit all members. I will post more about changes and such as they arise.

I am now brought to the biggest concern of the staff: financial issues. As of right now, the server that contains all of our services (TS, Arma, etc) costs us $75 a month from NFO. This is simply not sustainable by the staff alone so our plan is to downgrade the server. Performance wise, we will see little to no difference but it still costs us about $55 a month. We enourage all those who can to donate what they can as every bit helps. Contributing to the server fund is a great way to give back and something as small as $5 goes a long way if 5+ people all do such a thing. If you wish to donate, you can do so by following the following link. This money goes straight into a server “coffer” that the staff cannot touch and is only used to pay for the server. If you can, I strongly encourage you to donate what you can, to help keep your group afloat.

And with that, this is the end of my post. I hope you guys are a little more assured in our future and the continuation of the group. If you can contribute to the group in any way (Missions, videos, donations, special talents that can benefit the group, etc.) The staff would love to hear about it!

This post will be stickied for a week starting today, I encourage you guys to discuss in this thread.

Semper fi,


Sep 01

Making the Switch ~ Back

Making the Switch ~ Back


Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of talk about the amount of fun we had in ArmA 2, and the amount of fun we aren’t having in ArmA 3. As such, the staff has taken the time to evaluate the cons of ArmA 3, and what benefits we would have by switching back to ArmA 2. We quickly came to the conclusion that ArmA 3 is currently nigh unplayable, i’ll try and cover all the issues below.

-Server Stability. Even on our new six core VPS, our ArmA 3 server has crashed 5 times in the last month. This is one of the more serious issues, we almost never had server issues in ArmA 2.

-Sound Engine. To be frank, ArmA 3′s sound engine is simply horrid. Certain sounds complete overlap others, about 50% guns dont make any sound at all, sounds cut out after about 400M, just general horrid stuff.

-Mod Quality. Lets be honest here, only 1-2 of the mods on our ArmA 3 repository are anything special, most of the others are ports from A2 or some poorly texture’d M4′s. ArmA 3 has some solid mods but they are few and far between.

-Variety. ArmA 3 has nearly no variety beyond the infantry weapons/skins of each factions. All the HMG’s, UAV’s arty are the same with different camos, some of the armor uses parts of others. It doesn’t leave too much room for creativity on the mission making side of things and is rather immersion braking in game.

With all of the above in mind, the staff has decided that the best move for the group currently would be to make a partial switch back to ArmA 2. We will still be doing 1-2 ArmA 3 sessions a month for those interested, but the majority of our sessions will be ArmA 2 based.

The staff will be working tirelessly for the next two days to setup a repository system, downloading guide and help those who need help with ArmA 2 specifics. We plan to have our first ArmA 2 session September 6th(this Saturday).

Our ArmA 2 repository downloading guide can be found here:

If you have any questions please post them here, I hope you’ll all looking forward to this as much as I am.

Aug 01

New Server!

As some of you may had heard about, we upgraded our server that all of Core Tactical’s servers and website run on! This new server should improve performance and allow us to run more Core Tactical exclusive servers for our enjoyment!

If you have any questions be sure to contact a staff member about it!


Jun 30

TortoiseSVN Repository Program

TortoiseSVN Repository Program


As of today we have officially switched over to a new repository program, TortoiseSVN is that program. It is required you use this program to get our mods from here on out, as our updates will only be going through TortoiseSVN.

Downloading Guide:

May 28

ArmA 3 Repo Update Released

ArmA 3 Repo Update Released


Core Tactical updated its ArmA 3 Repo Tuesday May 27, 2014. The following mods were added in the update.

-AAF Desert Units

-Russian Units

-N.USMC Units

-RH M4A1/M16

-Boeing/SOAR MH-47E Chinook

-F-15 Fixed Wing Aircraft

-Su-35 Fixed Wing Aircraft

These mods were added in the hope that ArmA 3 would retain a sense of the ‘traditional’ game setting. However the introduction of these new mods does not mean we will be ruling out ArmA 3 units, nor shall we ever rule out the use of ArmA 3 units.

These mods WILL be needed for our next ArmA 3 session on 1 June, 2014. 

See you on the battlefield!

May 13

Mandatory ArmA 3 Training!


Centered Banner CT-PNG

 I am holding a mass ARMA 3 training session every Wednesday from 7 PM EST till it ends. Unlikely to be more than two hours, will NEVER go past three hours. Attendance is mandatory if you want to play A3 with us and I won’t be doing many personalized training sessions, so show up.


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